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Eden in Two Acts

Mind the Gap

The outdoor mural fronting the Artists’ House in Tel Aviv, Eden in Two Acts, seeks to amalgamate the platform of public space with the occasion of the 2019 elections in Israel, as a form of visual activism that aims to cause a butterfly effect and reverberate beyond the bounds of the art world. Eden in Two Acts probes the gap between the state’s current circumstances of existence and its founders’ heartfelt ideological aspirations. The first image of Eden attempts to echo the constant public storms that we as a society have trouble confronting. The “writing on the wall” encourages the possibility of diluting the moral stain – which is focused on crushing the present rather than providing inspiration for the future – and removing it from our lives. Act II steps in with a multilayered new image that is intense and stormy, but its vivid shades of turquoise and yellow also have a cooling and calming effect. 

The Artist House, Tel Aviv, 2019

Eden in Two Acts, a monumental art installation, digital print on frontlit PVC, 236 x 689 in, 6 x 17.5 m.

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