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Walking on Dry Land

A Story Unfolding

Offering a haven from the bustling city, Rotem Reshef’s painterly environment is created by two islands of color and texture. While suggesting a site of refuge, the site-specific installation presents a dual perspective of an inner world mirroring an exterior landscape, arresting in time the cycle of seasons. 

The Laurie M Tisch Gallery, JCC Manhattan, New York NY , 2022

Six Scrolls, all diluted acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Walking on Dry Land, [Grove #1] , [Grove #2] , [Grove #3] , 2022, 84x394 in | 2.13x10 m  

Walking on Dry Land, [Darkness], [Flood], [Refuge], 2020, 84x984 in | 2.13x25 m

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