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Family of Earth

Year: 2024
Location: Municipal Gallery, Rehovot, Israel


Walking on Dry Land

Year: 2022
Location: The Laurie M. Tisch Gallery, 
New York NY

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A Heartfelt Event

Year: 2020
Location: The LAB Art Space, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Unraveling Earth

Year: 2020
Location: The Farm Gallery, Holon, Israel



Year: 2018
Location: Soho House West Hollywood, LA CA

Time Traveler Brochure Updated II-spreads.jpg

Time Traveler II - Compass

Year: 2018
Location: California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA

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Control | Release

Year: 2016
Location: Art Space TLV Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

05 Breadth of Spirit 2010_Page_01.jpg

Breadths of Spirit

Year: 2010
Location: Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Year: 2023
Location: Bakersfield Museum of Art, California

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EX-tend Ex-cess

Year: 2022
Location: Towson University Center for the Arts Gallery

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Year: 2019
Location: The Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY



Year: 2019
Location: Illustration Week, Tel Aviv, Israel



Year: 2018
Location: Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel


Time Traveler

Year: 2017
Location: Tall Wall Space, University of La Verne, Los Angeles, CA

04 Imprints 2016.jpg


Year: 2016
Location: Art Space TLV Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

06 Orange Sunset 2009.jpg

Orange Sunset

Year: 2009
Location: The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


Published: November 2022

Ceramics Now-EX-tend EX-cess: Metamorphosis in Clay

Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 12.03.52.png

Published: June 2023

The Detroit Jewish News - Midtown Mural

Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 11.52.14.png

Published: December 2023

WhiteHot Magazine-Transcription, Articulation, and Respiration in RR

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