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Transitions from Warm to Cool

The outdoor mural Intervals, which presents twenty faux windows revealing bold, abstract monochrome paintings, imparts a "new façade" to the southern wall of the Tel Aviv Artists House. Embodying tonal transitions from the scale of warm to cool colors, these works effectively highlight a hierarchy of atmospheres in the passage of the seasons through the shades, temperatures and emotional qualities affected by the shortening and lengthening cycles of hours and days over the course of a year. Displaying Intervals on the wall of the Artists House comprises the completion of a circle and a gesture to the values of abstract painting represented in early Israeli art by Joseph Zaritsky, for whom this venue is named, and a homage to the movement he cofounded, "Ofakim Hadashim" (“New Horizons”).


The Artists' House, Tel Aviv, 2018

Twenty faux windows on a weather resistant material, 236 x 689 in, 6 x 17.5 m.

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