Rotem Reshef is a process-based action painter. Her artistic oeuvre presents a range of bodily gestures and techniques, such as imprinting, peeling, pouring and assembling natural and artificial sources and materials, that shape the various compositions over the different canvases. Reshef’s works deal with traces of human presence versus the appearance and disappearance of nature, as in the tradition of “Nature Morte”.


Among the themes in her work are ecological shifts and seasonal changes, research of the influence of colors, tones and shades on our emotions and perceptions, and the passage of time and the fleeting moment. Reshef’s “ghostly” paintings often present the remains of an object that was part of the creation and then was removed. By leaving “evidence” on her surfaces, Reshef creates contemporary, painterly fossils, that present the duration of the creative process and the different stages of art making, from start to finish.


As part of her practice, Reshef creates painting-installations that use scrolls of canvas in a three dimensional manner, offering an overlapping viewing experience for the viewers to immerse in. By incorporating ambitious large-scale formats and extensive tonalities that should be viewed in person, Reshef’s attention to detail and texture aims to resist art consumption solely via social media and the flat screen, and encourages art observance in real life. 


2020  A Heartfelt Event, The Lab, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2019   Arcadia, Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY 

2019   MomDadMe, Illustration Week #6, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019   Eden in Two Acts, outdoor mural, Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2019   In Situ, Milta, Rehovot, Israel

2019   IAILA booth, Art Palm Springs fair, Palm Springs, CA  

2018   Ghost Library #32, Artist Wall, ArtSpace TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018   Spectrum, Soho House West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 

2018   Intervals, outdoor mural, Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018   Fossils, A-La Rampa, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018   Time Traveler Part II: Compass, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks,  CA

2017    Something Blue, Alessandro Berni Gallery, New York, NY

2017    Time Traveler, University of La Verne, CA

2016    Phantom Stream, dual exhibition, Kibbutz Be’eri Gallery, Israel

2016    Control l Release, Art Space TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015    Making a Mark, SVA, New York, NY

2010    Breadths of Spirit , Artists ́ House, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2009   Orange Sunset, The Heder Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel




2021   Sublime Encounters and Other Worlds, Residency Unlimited, New York NY 

2021   Take a Hike, Vision Gallery & the Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, AZ 

2021    43rd Annual Art Auction, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA 

2021   Spectrum, Stay Home Gallery, Paris, TN 

2021   The Empty Gallery, An Online Group Show, Shrine, New York, NY

2021   11th Annual Juried Exhibition, Gallery 110, Seattle, WA, Curator: Shamim Momin

2021   Four Seasons, Municipal Gallery, Yavne, Israel

2020  Darkest Before Dawn, Art in a Time of Uncertainty, Ethan Cohen Gallery, Beacon, NY

2020   Art has a Scent, (Unraveling Earth), HaChava (the Farm) Gallery, Holon, Israel 

2020  Internally: Emotional Landscapes from Israel, Hillel Art Gallery, USC, LA, CA

2019   Scroll of Perseverance, Art & Social Activism Festival, New York, NY

2019   Dreamin' of a..., Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

2019   Summer Salon, from the collection of the Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019   Concealed in Language, Municipal Art Gallery, Rishon Le-Zion , Israel

2018   Plaster 6, Minus 1 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018   Art Swagger, DLR Group, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

2018   Still Moving, Gray Space Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2018   70.70.70. Jewish Federation, Santa Barbara, CA

2017    I Was Here, Cuckoo’s Nest, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017    In My Garden, West Village, New York, NY

2017    Aiming for Touch(down), P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016    Collective Memory, Travelling exhibition, New York-Glasgow-Dublin

2016    Secret Art 8, Mani House, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016    Plaster 4, Art for “Physicians for Human Rights”, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016    Iran Iran, Kaye College' Gallery, Be'er-Sheva, Israel

2015    Artists for Levinsky library, ArtSpace, Tel Aviv , Israel

2015    Scope Miami Beach, Miami, FL

2015    Italia Docet | Laboratorium, Venice Biennale, Italy

2015    Artist Wall, Art Space TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015    Summer Time, Art Space TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015    Annual Tallahassee International Exhibition, FSU Museum of Fine Arts, Tallahassee, FL

2015    Refresh, Florentin45 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015    The 53rd International Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, CA

2015    9xArtist's Walls, Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2014    Emergence 2014, Gallerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD

2014    A : / > fomat, Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2014    Nature vs. Media, [during Sundance], Park City, Utah

2013    A Picnic and Smokes, QF Gallery, East Hampton, NY

2012    A special project of art & fasion, Art Basel Miami, Miami, FL

2010    Home and Abroad Exhibition Series – The Broadway Gallery, NYC, NY

2010    Fresh Paint, The Heder Gallery Artists, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2010    4th International Arte Laguna Prize, Venice Arsenale, finalists exhibition

2009    Ain’t no Sunshine when she’s gone, the 4th Floor, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009    Painting-Law, The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2006    Inaugural Exhibition, Susan Eley Fine Art, NY


2021   Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY 

2015    SVA's Summer Residency Program, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2014    LICC London International Creative Competition - Honorable Mention

2010    First Prize Art&Business, 4th International Arte Laguna, Italy

1987    Scholarship for a promising young artist, America-Israel Cultural Foundation




Private collections in USA, Israel, Europe and Australia




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A Heartfelt Event 2020

Unraveling Earth 2020

MomDadMe 2019

Arcadia 2019

Spectrum 2018

Intervals 2018

Time Traveler Part II: Compass 2018

Time Traveler 2017

Control | Release 2016

Imprints 2016

Breadths of Spirit 2010

Orange Sunset 2009