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Updated: Apr 26

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29 March, 2020

On Sunday, March 29th, I had a fun IG Live chat with art advisor Kipton Cronkite, about making art at times of COVID-19. After staying in quarantine in my bedroom for 2 weeks, I was happy to be back in my studio, even for only a short time for this talk, just before Israel is going into a shut down.

Kipton and I chatted about Art these days, about my practice and about my recent solo exhibition ARCADIA at the Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah NY. I share my time between Tel Aviv and New York; Kipton who used to live in New York, currently lives in Los Angeles, yet maintains professional contacts in both places and is very involved on museum boards and with collectors.

We discussed how strange it is, not to know when we’ll be able to travel again, and the new world we will face once the Coronavirus is over. We also discussed the potential influence of it on the artistic process and themes, and just enjoyed a nice Sunday get together via the virtual world.

Wishing good health to everybody and be safe wherever you are!

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@Kipton @livingwithart @rotem__reshef

Updated: Feb 20

Sandi Klein show

28 January, 2020

New York-based radio personality and journalist, Sandi Klein, interviews Rotem Reshef on her podcast, “Conversations with Creative Women” (aired January 28th 2020).

Talking about major trajectories in her personal life, art school trauma and burglary that involved having her paintings stolen, Reshef shares milestones in her career, like stopping

art making for 15 years and getting back to it full force, developing her unique painting techniques and transforming her practice into site specific installation work.

The full interview is on Sandi Klein's website and HERE

Updated: Jan 5

Portfolio & Erev Rav

8 December, 2019 | 22 December, 2019

Two interviews with me were published in leading Israeli art magazines -

“Learning to Paint All Over Again”

Written by Yonatan H. Mishal, Erev Rav 

READ HERE (In Hebrew)

"Innocence has value. For years I thought being innocent is a dangerous place to be. The world is a place that if you are unaware of some of the things that are happening, it can eat you out, you can be swallowed out there." - Rotem Reshef talks about the trauma of attending one of Israel’s leading art academies, and returning to a professional art career after some of her earlier paintings were stolen from her parent’s home.

Erev Rav | “Learning to Paint All Over Again” | Yonatan H. Mishal

“Rotem Reshef wrapps the World with Painting”

Written by Hagit Peleg-Rotem, Portfolio 

 READ HERE (In Hebrew)

“...In MomDadMe, Reshef went on a nostalgic but sobering journey...which is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole. Here she does not slip into an alternate reality, but returns to her childhood districts in the city of Rehovot, and to the story of her family dynasty - a lineage of pioneers, people of hard work and intellectual spirit, who participated in the establishment and revival of Hebrew culture in the early years of Israel.”

Portfolio | “Rotem Reshef wrapps the World with Painting” | Hagit Peleg-Rotem

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