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Time Traveler

Collision of the Four Seasons

The site-specific painting installation "Time Traveler" was created with six scrolls of paintings interwoven horizontally and vertically into a beautiful, color-blended vertical and horizontal grid. The entire installation casts the four seasons as the passage of time, with each season interlacing to form one cohesive tapestry. The canvases depict varied techniques, color schemes and atmospheres, reflecting of the era we live in, flooded by images in a non-linear way from all directions. The six scroll paintings are not exhibited separately but together, interwoven in a collision of simultaneous climates, as rain and storms in the summer, and heat waves in the winter.

Tall Wall Space, University of La Verne, Los Angeles, CA, 2017

Diluted acrylic and mixed media on canvas, dimensions variable (400x554 inches wall).

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