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Time Traveler Part II Compass

Lighthouse in Times of Turmoil

This site-specific painting installation was made with the same painting scrolls from the first installation of "Time Traveler", that was exhibited at the University of La Verne, but in a different configuration. This time, showing at the California Lutheran University, it created an image of a "compass", made of a large pinkish cross over a large yellow X. By titling it "Compass", it becomes more politically explicit, suggesting a conceptual, artistic lighthouse, directing the viewers to inner introspection, at a time of lack of political and social leaders that can direct their countries and communities onto safe grounds. In a polemic era, the monumentality of this piece offers a sanctuary of silent observation and infinite interpretations.

Kwan Fong Gallery, California Lutheran University, CA, 2018

Diluted acrylic and mixed media on canvas, dimensions variable.

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