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California Dreaming

"With 'Vista,' Rotem Reshef portrays Bakersfield – from the inside out. Reshef does not simply look at the city, she re-embodies its salience. 'Vista' brings forth the inner dynamic of a municipality that encompasses and embraces both nature and industry, a town in which extractive commerce is integral to the ecosphere. Reshef does not judge this reality, but recapitulates it, presenting – re-presenting -- its bifurcated but intertwined material dynamic as a physical presence, a textured form whose uncanny syncresis can be physically conjured through aesthetic investigation – and vice versa."*

* Text by Peter Frank, "Vista", The Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield CA, 2023 

11 canvas scrolls - overall dimensions vary with installation, and 10 stretched canvases, each 24x36in. 60x91cm. All, diluted acrylic and mixed media on canvas

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