Rotem Reshef | Ghost Libraries

Ghost Libraries

Archives of Forgotten Knowledge

At a time that printed books are becoming obsolete by being converted into digital files, and public libraries are hardly still a romantic, dusty destination for acquiring knowledge, Reshef is alluding to abandoned bookshelves. It seems that these imprinted compositions reflect the elusive stage between existing and disappearing. While the cyberspace dominates the “scattered” online information in an invisible, placeless matrix, these paintings “reorganize” and ensemble staged lost hierarchies, that act as a site of remembrance, almost physically replacing the void left by the removed bookcase in the domestic sphere. Drawing on the resemblance between the act of writing and artmaking, and between books and artworks as arenas for contemplation and imaginated voyages, these representations resurface the significant role of singular intellect and creativity, and its potential to be a leaping point into the unknown.


All works are diluted acrylic on canvas unless otherwise stated.

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