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Waves of Light

The body of work “Spectrum”, exhibited first at the Soho House West Hollywood in the summer of 2018, manifests Reshef's interest in the process of art making, and in the different ways to depict the elusive nature of the passage of time and of the fleeting seasons. The 22 paintings in this series, present monochromatic stages inspired by the different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, stressing the existing yet invisible rays of light known to science. On the shorter end of the spectrum is the ultraviolet wave of radiation, while on the longer end of the spectrum is the infrared wave of light. These both ends also mark the shifting tonalities and full range of hues between warm colors of reds and yellows, to cold colors of blues and purples, also sensualizing a change of moods and atmospheres, from somber to cheerful, from coolness to passion.


All works are diluted acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

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