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Introspective Landscape

The installation MomDadMe invites the audience to enter an immersive environment of expressive drawings, which creates a three-dimensional painting composition in space. A series of abstract scenes that surround the visitors echo the streets of my home town of Rehovot, my parents' house, their balcony plants and the fragmented views seen through a window, all of which form an imagery of local landscapes, reflecting on the meeting point of personal and national histories and memories.

Illustration Week exhibition, Tel Aviv, 2019

MomDadMe Installation: Diluted acrylic & mixed media on canvas – 2017-2019

3 painting scrolls: Orchard, MomDadMe, Gan – 2017-2019; 5 paintings: Habitat Ima, Habitat Aba, Habitat Bat – 2019; 

Ghost Library #4 – 2017, Ghost Library #11 – 2018

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