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Unraveling Earth

Art has a Scent

This large-scale outdoor/indoor project incorporates a painting-installation inside an empty shipping container, while utilizing landscaping, ecological restoration, public art and action painting, all in relation to the environment and to the arousal of the senses. By creating a platform that responds to its surroundings but also suggests a way to heal it, “Unraveling Earth” invites the viewer to step into a fragranced capsule that aims both to lure and alert. It reminds us how much  power is in our hands, for good and bad, and that we should strive to fix and repair whatever is sustainable, for our sakes and for generations to come.

The Farm, Ha-Chavah Gallery, Holon, Israel, 2021

Unraveling Earth - a 43 ft. / 13 meter in diameter installation, commissioned by HaChava (the Farm) Art Gallery for the grounds of an agricultural farm  

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