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AICF - Artist Spotlight: Rotem Reshef

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

August, 2022

Happy to be featured in America Israel Cultural Foundation's Artist Spotlight.

Check it out HERE for more details.

What or who inspired your interest in the arts?

Art was my default ever since I was a little girl. I was creative, I liked wondering, thinking and looking for things people left behind and turned them into art: a fisherman’s rope at Palmachim beach; large sheets of vinyl papers without the adhesive, left in a shed in an orange orchard; doors that were thrown away; etc. We had some art books at home and I loved flipping through them – reproductions of art from the Louvre, Impressionism, etc.

I loved going to art camps and after-school activities, and trying different craft techniques: copper etching, working with clay, cutting styrofoam with hot wire, painting, drawing. I went with my artistic aunt to a paper workshop and admired her incredible collection of markers that was brought from New York in the 70’s. It wasn’t about seeing art as much as it was a means of expression, and it triggered every inch of curiosity in me.

LINK to the full interview


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