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"Intervals" in 3 Israeli Newspapers This Week | "Haaretz", "Calcalist", "Erev-Rav"

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

3 articles about "Intervals" were published in the last couple of weeks in the Israeli press,

July 2018

Intervals, Artists House, Tel Aviv

A New Front Vs. "Want of Matter", Avraham Balaban

"Tuesday. The Artists House southern wall makes me stop during my morning hike. I stand in front of it and can imagine what brought to the tear between Raffi Lavie, an influential artist and teacher at Hamidrasha, one of Israel’s leading art academies, and his then student and now artist, Rotem Reshef, who is responsible for this colorful outdoor mural, Intervals.

The wall is practically exploding of color and suggested shapes that are interwoven into each other - imaginary honeycombs, streams of light, wavy whirlpools, a world filled with visual carousel.

Obviously, a wide conceptual gap stretches between this overflowing richness, and Lavie’s version of Arte Povera, that was the dominant genre in Israeli art for several decades..."

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Reshef's mural "Intervals" Puzzles the Spectators in its Unique Technique, Reut Barnea

Many of those passing by the Tel Aviv Artists House facade on Elcharizi street, are trying to figure out what exactly is it that they are looking at - Are these windows? Where are they facing? What is inside of them?

This almost optical illusion has been created thanks to "Intervals", a new outdoor mural of twenty colorful faux windows with shades representing the four seasons, created by artist Rotem Reshef and installed on the southern wall of the building..."

Weekly Recommendations, Gili Sitton

On days of wandering between graduate shows all over the country, I paid a visit to the Artists House in Tel Aviv. The well-known establishment provides a pleasant space for diverse exhibitions, that at times suffers from bizarre thematic choices…

On the outer wall of the building, on its facade, Rotem Reshef’s huge piece, Intervals is exhibited. Reshef had placed about twenty abstract paintings in a rectangular format, in an arrangement that relates to the seasonal shifts throughout the year. The warm seasons are represented by bright tonalities of yellow-red-orange, and the cooler seasons are in shades of blue and purple.

Reshef transformed the pretty banal and outdated architecture into an uplifting, stained-glass like facade, that changed the entire look of the building.

The lightness of the creation, the floating windows and the colorful movement give the Artists house a much more contemporary appeal, and brands it as a center of contemporary, fresh and relevant artistic activity.


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