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RU Event: New Renaissance in Feminist Art

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

March, 2021

In honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s unwavering voice in women’s rights, Residency Unlimited is organizing a series of discussions during Women’s History Month entitled New Renaissance in Feminist Art. The first panel took place on March 8.

As a current Artist in Residence at RU (Residency Unlimited) in Brooklyn, I was happy to participate in the important panel discussion “New Renaissance in Feminist Art”, co organized by RU and the Polish Cultural Institute New York, alongside artist Anna Orbaczewska of the Warsaw-based gallery Lokal 30 and curator Sheetal Prajapati of Lohar Projects. An inspiring talk among empowering women!

"The second panel which will be held on Tuesday, March 30, at 5:00 PM will examine the body through two contrasting artistic methods, as a means of empowerment confronting normative narratives. The discussion will engage the artist Anna Orbaczewska, a painter and multimedia artist based in Poland represented by lokal_30 in Warsaw, and 2021 RU artist Rotem Reshef, an action painter based in Tel Aviv and New York. This panel will be moderated by Sheetal Prajapati, founder of Lohar Projects, an educator, artist and advisor working across the field of art and public engagement. The panelists will discuss their engagement with feminist narrative as women and artists, and how it informs their process and presentation of their work in Poland, Israel, the US, and across borders."

This program is presented and co- organized by Residency Unlimited, in collaboration with lokal_30, The Brooklyn Museum, Barnard College at Columbia University, Lohar Projects, and A.I.R. gallery NYC.


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